My Third Step Prayer

woman praying

My Third Step Prayer

Thank you, God, for this beautiful day,
for strength, for health.
Help me to live this day for you.

Place in my path some way to help others.
Help me to know that no other walks in my shoes, that there is something only I can do today.
Guide my thoughts and deeds that I may feel your presence.

I trust all of myself to you, the good and the bad.
Please remove the flaws I have that stand in the way of my usefulness.
Help me release that part of my ego which keeps me focused inward instead of outward where I can help others and serve my purpose.

Help me to be kind and gentle to myself, and surround me with love and light.
Let me focus and stay track all day and guide me to know your will for me and act on it.


I say this in the shower.  Something about it works for me and it puts my head in a good place for the day.

My sponsor came up with this prayer when I was in early sobriety and struggling with what I referred to as the “He/Him/God talk”.  I have become much more comfortable with my own conception of God, and those things don’t bother me as much as they did initially.  But this prayer still speaks to me in a way the traditional one just does not.

If the traditional prayers don’t speak to you on a deeply personal level, I highly encourage you to write your own.  Grab the main points from the OG prayer and make them your own.  This is YOUR conversation with your HP.  Use your own voice.

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